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What's Your Name Again?

The highly anticipated Podcast from host and creator Kurt Caceres is going LIVE this week. With co-hosts Lombardo Boyar and Greg Serano, they are joined by celebrity guests in a format that is raw, dirty, not sugar coated and to the point. An unscripted tell-all approach to the Hollywood business behind the scenes where most have never experienced. With casting couch stories that would blow your mind, and advice for the new actor to town. It offers a diverse array of topics that will be both inspirational and also detrimental to all future choices and decisions actors will make in their careers. There is no class that teaches actors how to traverse Hollywood. There are no books that help actors. There is only this podcast, and the combined 60+ years of experience our guys bring to the table, are invaluable for actors of any level, age, gender, race and experience. Enjoy the ride!!!

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