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Mentors.  Guides.  Liaisons.

Career Counseling

The path through Hollywood outside the walls of the Provenance Room can be a feat in itself.  The best way to traverse through such a journey is with those guides and mentors whom have come before you.   There is nothing we haven't seen or experienced in casting rooms, studio network tests or on big budget sets.  We've worked with the biggest names and walked every red carpet.  Let us be the liaison to your career.


1 Hour Session : $59.00



Step by step roadmap on where to live, where to study, finding agents, networking, avoiding scams, understanding the casting process, career choices, physical and mental fatigue, marketing, goals, expectations, how to work part time and still keep days open for auditions, etiquette on set, Waze or Google Maps, etc.  We cover it all.


On Retainer :  

We also offer retainer service similar to legal services.  We hold your retainer and you have 24/7 access to us with all questions, concerns and emergency situations related to your career.  Trying to decide whether you should accept a particular role?  Did a producer make inappropriate suggestions?  Thinking of cutting off all your hair?  We are here to answer every question for every scenario.  Call us for a Quote.


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