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Kurt Caceres

  Owner & Founder of Provenance Room

Founder of Media Artist Coaching

A working actress in Los Angeles for two decades. A Northern CA native, she moved to LA after earning a Theater Arts degree. Having found her niche in commercials, she always has at least one running at all times. Owner of the coaching company "Media Artist Coaching", Nori is an ICF certified ACC coach with hundreds of hours of personal coaching under her belt. She blends the two worlds by career coaching actors and actresses to create a steady and profitable career while maintaining their sanity in Hollyweird

Head of young adult division - Provenance room

Alyson Croft has been a working actress since the age of 6.  A Los Angeles native who is a veteran actress with more than 150 commercials aired nationally and has appeared in dozens of feature films as well as guest starring and recurring in major TV shows.   Alyson has been teaching children for many years and has a degree in child development as well as behavioral and social science.  She spent most of her childhood going to auditions and on major film and TV sets, so she knows the ups and downs of the family dynamic of having a professional child in the family.  Her goal is to better enhance the audition process for both the actor and the parents or guardians.  By mastering this complex relationship, it will help the actor to book the job and come out with a healthier family unit.

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