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Legendary Professional Soccer Goalkeeper, Ian Feuer, sits on WYNA with host Kurt Caceres.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Being under the lights was in his blood. Being on stage, performing, entertaining crowds was in his lineage. Destiny was set, but he created his own fate through a focused work ethic, stone cold determination and pure raw genetic talent.

Ian Feuer sits down with "What's Your Name Again?" host, Kurt Caceres, to tell him everything, in a rare behind the scenes session on the podcast. His Father played with musical icons such as Diana Ross, Elvis Presely and Paul Anka. His Mother was a showgirl who opened for Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin and "The Rat Pack". His sister was married for over a decade to film and screen legend, Mickey Rourke. And to top it off, Ian played one of the most famous Hollywood screen villains of all time, "The Predator".

Ian is best known as being the first ever American Goalkeeper to play in the English Premier Soccer Leagues in Europe. He was only the second American soccer player to ever even play in that same league. He got his start at age 8 when he became friends with the nephew of famous Mob Gangster, Tony Spilotro, of which the true story of the film "Casino" was based. While growing up in Las Vegas, a local youth club was short on players, so Ian was asked to fill in. By the age of 11, he was the tallest soccer player in the region, but also "the clumsiest", said his coach Larry Griffiths. However, this coach saw his true potential and because of that, invented the first soccer equivalent of a "pitching machine" to shoot balls at Ian. Ian would literally train with this machine for 8 hours a day, and "went from being one of the worst players in the state, to the best by the age of 15", said Coach Griffiths. Ian was quickly moving up the ranks and gaining notoriety as a force of talent until an unfortunate incident happened and he was banned from the game of Soccer in the state of Nevada for a full one year suspension. The day of the suspension, there was a referee on the field who had just recently been fired from a company Coach Griffiths owned away from soccer, and this ref decided to take it out on Ian.

This was a blessing that most would have never seen, but a true superstar sees greatness and open doors when they happen. Ian and his family ended up moving to Canoga Park, which is a suburb of Los Angeles in California. He took this suspension and used it as motivation and inspiration to improve his game and prove everyone wrong.

Growing up, his hero was German goalkeeper, Harald "Toni" Schumacher. It just so happened that Ian heard Schumacher was holding a Goalkeeper clinic, in of all places, the state of Alabama. Ian attended the clinic and was awarded "best goalkeeper" out of hundreds of kids. Toni Schumacher took Ian aside on the last day of the clinic and said "Ian, what do you want to do with your future?". Ian said, "I want to play in Europe". So Schumacher said, "then go, you're good enough, but you need to go NOW while your 16, so they can groom you. It'll be easier now than if you you wait to long when you're older". So Ian Feuer somehow convinced his parents to let him leave high school in the states early and move alone, by himself. At the age of 16, Ian arrived in Belgium solo, alone, he didn't know a soul. But he knew what he wanted, was there for one reason, and that was to play professional soccer. He spent months knocking on doors until finally, Belgiums First Division, "Club Brugge" allowed him a trial, in which he impressed, and was offered his first one year deal to play with the clubs under 16 pro squad. The rest is history. He played all around Europe, including the top ranked club league in the world, the English Premier. He also was invited to play for the U.S.A. Olympic team and after retirement he won two MLS Championships as a coach for the L.A. Galaxy.

Ian now owns and runs the "Premier Goalkeeping Academy" in Southern California, focusing on coaching, teaching and producing the best boy, girl, women and men, goalkeepers in the country.

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