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Act I. Sc. I


Founded in 2016 by Kurt Caceres, the Provenance Room was created with one intention: GROWTH. What was originally born in a house bedroom, has now branched out to numerous spaces in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Life. Love. Career. Are all about climbing to new levels of wisdom and transcendence. Whether acting is a hobby or a career, you must always be honing the craft. Emulate real world situations through simulated training.

At Provenance Room, we take our clients from point A to Z. Starting the moment you receive the audition, to the moment you complete the audition and walk out of the casting room, we guide you at each step to achieve maximum potential.

There is no substitute for experience. Books are words on a page, but experiences are forever imprinted on the mind. Journey with us and make your immersive training and real world experiences become one and the same.

"Preparation that mimics the authentic event"

-Provenance Room

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