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Rey Gallegos guests on What's Your Name Again? podcast for a three part mini series titled, El Rey.

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Actor Rey Gallegos talks about the time Will Smith and Martin Lawrence told him to stand up to iconic director, Michael Bay. He offers advise from the invaluable financial and monetary lessons he received from Will Smith. The time he had to wait tables on Martin Lawrence right after they just worked on "Bad Boys 2" together for six weeks.

Rey explains why no role is ever secure, the danger of a "hot mic", and set etiquette He reveals the real story behind how he got cast as one of the leads in the film, American Sniper, directed by living legend, Clint Eastwood. From three lines, to lead role. When it's your time, it's your time. The epic experience working with Bradley Cooper and Clint. Doing the series "Ice" with Antoine Fuqua and Jeremy Sisto. Actors rewriting dialogue. Actors wanting to receive praise. And what does ADR stand for? Born in San Pedro but raised next door to Disneyland, he talks about battling the city of Los Angeles. A singular feat, all it's own. And he explains why he will never hold his woman's purse.

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