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Nicky Whelan, star of Trauma Center, sits with host Kurt Caceres to discuss Star Wars.

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Australian beauty, Nicky Whelan, joins host Kurt Caceres and producer, Travis Aaron Wade, to discuss Star Wars action figures. With her dog "Yoda" sitting on her lap during the podcast, Kurt decides to break out a full case of the original 1978 mint condition figures, causing Nicky and Travis to scream like little kids on Christmas. Nicky reveals that her entire house is decorated with Star Wars paraphernalia, including a toaster that burns Darth Vader's face to your toast. She admits that her dream growing up was to become an American cheerleader. Tells actors to put less importance on their career and don't make it their entire identity. Weave acting into an already fulfilled life, not the other way around. Christopher Plummer tells Travis what it was like to date Marilyn Monroe. The time Nicky auditioned for Joel Schumacher and stopped the session to ask him about the Lost Boys. And finally, she tells us about working with Robert Rodriguez, Owen Wilson, Nicolas Cage and opposite Bruce Willis, in the film, Trauma Center.

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