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Katherine Kelly Lang guests on the What's Your Name Again? podcast, with host Kurt Caceres

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Legendary actress, Katherine Kelly Lang, joins host Kurt Caceres to talk about breaking Susan Lucci's record with the most episodes of television in history. After 33 years, she is one of the last remaining original cast members on Bold and the Beautiful. Growing up in Hollywood to an Olympian Long Jump skiing father, Actress mother, and Academy Award winning grandfather, who worked with icons such as Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

She talks about the early days of her career and how much different the business was then from now. She was fortunate enough to work on such classic shows as Happy Days, Magnum P.I. and The Fall Guy. But her favorite job, was getting down and dirty riding horses in the old west when she worked on Lonesome Dove. She says if she could work in her ideal genre the rest of her career, it would be doing Westerns.

Katherine talks about the demand of shooting 10 episodes a week on Bold and the Beautiful, often having to learn 90 pages in one day. How she keeps her role of Brooke Forrester from becoming monotonous after 33 years. Keeping the work fresh and fun, but also having a reputation of someone who is professional and easy to work with. This is a long way from her very first job which was a commercial she did when she was only a baby, and all she wore was a diaper. She jokes that her first role was in her underwear.

Her first film role was playing the sister to Patrick Swayze in the movie, Skate Town. She wasn't nervous working opposite such an icon, because as history would have it, this same film was also Patrick Swayze's first film as an actor. Katherine recalls nailing the audition process to win the role, but how things changed when she arrived on set. She got extremely nervous and her voice got stuck in a high pitch during the entire shoot, so they cut around her for most of the film.

Katherine really has fun when she tells the story about how Robert Deniro became a fan of hers. She was attending a "typical" Hollywood party, and some lady walks up to her and says, "Heeey, my boyfriend and I love you, we wake up everyday and watch your show". Katherine jokes how they must sleep late because Bold and the Beautiful doesn't air until 12:30pm everyday. Just at that moment, Robert Deniro walks up and the lady introduces him as her boyfriend and he tells Katherine, "I know who you are". So her true claim to fame is that Robert Deniro is a fan.

Click above to listen to her Podcast, or below to watch it on Youtube.

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