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Star of the upcoming new season of Narcos: Mexico on Netflix, Jesse Garcia, joins Kurt Caceres.

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Major talent and fan favorite, actor Jesse Garcia, joins host Kurt Caceres with fellow co-hosts Greg Serano and Lombardo Boyar to truly breakdown for actors what it really takes to make it in Hollywood and find success. Jesse is the star of the Robert Rodriguez series, From Dusk till Dawn and the upcoming new season of Narcos: Mexico on Netflix. He talks about building tight relationships with casting directors, they will fight for you to get a part. Master the art of self taping your auditions, it is the future. The time he had to self tape from a hotel in Mexico for the Marvel Ghost Rider series. Popular casting director Laray Mayfield tells him what she looks for in a self tape, she just doesn't want to see a bed in the background. Make choices in an audition and commit. Do not ever do what you think they want you to do, be true to yourself as an actor and artist. How he got a role in the film, Walk Out, directed by Edward James Olmos. He bought outfits, self taped in an old school and learned the lines to all the roles in the script so he would be as prepared as possible. If you're not willing to go that extra mile to get the part, don't expect to get the part. The time he studied his lines in an alley outside a Halloween party at a bar in Los Angeles to prepare for a Skype session audition with Robert Rodriguez the next morning. And finally, working opposite Hollywood legend, Don Johnson.

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