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Ex Maxim Cover model, Jade Albany Pietrantonio, sits with Kurt Caceres to talk fame and success.

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Jade Albany Pietrantonio was born in France, just across the border from her home that was in Italy. She then grew up in Australia and finally relocated to the United States just a few years ago.

Her journey to Hollywood hasn't been an overnight success. She spent many years in Europe as an international super model, gracing the cover of Maxim Magazine among many other high profile campaigns. Eventually she decided to join the reserves in Australia and literally the day she was scheduled to head to basic training, she got a call informing her she had booked the lead in a new TV series called, "Camp".

Her biggest fame however, came at the heels of her being the "runner-up" winner on "Big Brother - Australia". This was her first taste of notoriety and the change of lifestyle that comes when anyone is put front and center in the celebrity spotlight. She recalls a time walking down any street back home in Australia and being mobbed and recognized by everyone. She took it with humility and grace, embracing and cherishing all the gifts she always receives in her life.

Like many Australians, she was scouted by Hollywood and convinced to move to Los Angeles and begin her true journey towards success. Like most who arrive in Hollywood, she was warned that her first few years would be filled with trials and tribulations, struggle and loneliness. Those who warned were not wrong. She talks about getting dropped by her Talent Agents. Trying to find her way through the gauntlet of auditions. Struggling to barely make ends meet.

But now in her fourth year in the Hollywood game, she is right on track. She has found her pace, her niche', her support system. Her momentum is strong and nothing will stop her. She finally figured out how to tame the Hollywood beast and become the Alpha she was always destined to be. She has been booking high profile projects non stop, from "American Playboy - The Hugh Hefner Story", to recurring on shows such as "The Right Stuff" and "68 Whiskey". Jade has arrived and now is in the game. You know you are relevant when TMZ and the Paparazzi are talking about you. She is on the radar. She is about to blow up into the hemisphere of celebrity status.

Jade sits down with Kurt Caceres, the host of the podcast "What's Your Name Again?". Listen to her break down the daily grind as an actor in Hollywood. What it takes to find success and the mistakes many make that keep them from achieving their dreams. It is a brutal business that is made to eat up the weak and indulge on the naivete of the masses. There are very specific tricks and strategies one must make to overcome the traps and obstacles, the leaches and sharks who feed off the blind focus of stardom. Jade gets real, true and raw with Kurt and shares stories and first hand experiences from one who has seen the inside of the Hollywood machine.

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