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Baywatch Icon and People Magazine most Beautiful, David Chokachi, sits with WYNA host Kurt Caceres.

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Best known as Cody Madison, TV boyfriend of Hollywood legend, Pamela Anderson, on one of the most global dominating and popular shows in history, Baywatch. A blonde haired, blue eyed heart throb and once People Magazine 50 Most Beautiful People, David surprisingly comes from a middle eastern, Iraqi background. He was born and raised in Massachusetts and went to Bates College in the state of Maine. He was a stand out Lacrosse and Football player through college until he decided to apply for the CIA. Once accepted to the testing process, the CIA brought him to Washington D.C. on a secret 3-day testing where he was told to "Talk to Nobody". He was passed over, but then was appointed by his congressman as a potential candidate for Annapolis. When he visited Annapolis, he decided against attending this prestigious institution after students told him "we are miserable because we only sleep on top of the sheets because we never have enough time to make the bed in the mornings".

He eventually moved to Boston and accidentally saw an add for a modeling gig, so he decided to try to audition and actually booked the role. He then auditioned for a Miller Light commercial and booked that too. Everyone told him he should start taking acting classes so he quickly moved to Los Angeles and take his shot at stardom. Not only a week in Los Angeles, he was caught amidst the most horrific natural catastrophe in decades, the 6.7 magnitute Northridge Earthquake. This was a wake up call. He started working construction during the day and literally going to auditions covered in plaster and other dirt on his lunch breaks. In what is rare for Hollywood success, he tested and booked his life changing role on Baywatch, only a year and a half after being in California. Chokachi loves to tell the story about how David Hasselhoff "fucked" with him at the network test audition and made fun of his name, which was "Al-Chokachi" at the time. He quickly changed his name after that, dropping the "Al", and became one of the most followed and sought after actors on the planet. He loves telling the story about the Baywatch producers making all actors do a "Swim Audition" because they were fooled once by an actress who said she could swim, but when they asked her to get into the ocean, she said she couldn't because she was scared of sharks.

He is an avid surfer and outdoor afficionado, belonging to and staying active in more than his fair share of environmentally and socially relevant charities. "When you are surfing, there is no past or future, there is only the present, and all you can do is find that sweet spot". That motto applies not only to the ocean, but to life, and keeps him healthy and happy. He taught his 8 year old daughter how to surf and snowboard by the time she was 4 years old. That is oneness with mother.

Currently he has a film in theaters called "Emerald Run" which is an action/drama that won Best Film at London and Milan International Film Festivals. He also has a feature out titled, "Last Call in the Dog House", which is described as a hybrid "Cheers" meets "Touched by an Angel". He also has a film he did with Snoop Dogg and Steven Baldwin called "Blood Pageant". Finally to round out his busy feature film schedule, he has a movie out called "Long as I'm Famous", which is a beautiful period piece set in the 1940's that follows an eclectic mix of Broadway stars and writers. David plays the legendary Gene Tunney and the entire film is based off true life events. Tunny was the World Heavy Weight Champion boxer of the world who was a celebrity socialite.

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